“Ezzie Anderson is a joy to work with. Not only is she a 24-7 worker for her clients, she has a lot of fun helping them get good information and knowledge of where they stand and where they can go whether it be selling or buying real estate. She has a good sense of market trends and a good grasp of current market data, all of which are necessary to give good advice. You can depend on the advice she offers. You will be happy you worked with her.”

Stephen Cancler, Owner – Full House Inspection Services

It’s the truth – I do see myself as your advocate, but also your friend. One of those friends who tells it like it is. I will educate you and advise you on the market, point out your opportunities to take action, and let you know if I see any red flags with the direction you are heading.

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“Ezzie Anderson is not only very competent in what she does, Ezzie is a role model for all of us. She truly loves doing what she does and enjoys working in the Business of Real Estate whether it is helping a buyer get the home they want or helping to sell a home for her clients; so they may either upsize to a larger home for their families or downsize to fit their new lifestyles. She assists in connecting her clients to all the proper business services needed to buy and/or sell a home. These are folks she knows, likes and trusts.

I had the opportunity to work directly with Ezzie Anderson on several projects while we in the Master Builders Association locally. She is fun, energetic and has a very creative approach to all her assigned tasks We remain friends and I will continue to support her in all her endeavors. I highly recommend her and would suggest you give her a call.”

Darylene Dennon, CEO/President Solid Energy, Inc – Painting and Carpentry